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EMK Lawyers

The Firm is premised upon a single goal - to provide their clients with extraordinary and personalized service through dedicated and experienced attorneys who are not only well-versed in the law, but also know how to effectively and efficiently manage litigation.

Unlike other firms, one-size-fits-all litigation is not our mantra, as no two cases require the same approach; indeed, each case requires, and is offered, a unique evaluation and recommendation for resolution (whether that be by way of mediation, arbitration, or trial). They seek to avoid the pitfalls that befall clients stuck in the maze of large, corporate-minded law firms who do not respect nor understand their clients’ needs or expectations.

Their attorneys have the knowledge to aggressively pursue a favorable outcome for their clients, but also have the experience needed to counsel their clients when the circumstances warrant a pre-trial resolution. Regardless of the size of the case or client, each client receives the highest level of individualized service by their attorneys.